With a completely computerised inventory and stock control system we strive to continually improve the efficiency of our warehouses by constantly seeking new technologies and advancements in the area of warehouse management systems.

Warehouse Management System (WMS):
We currently operate the Sapphire WMS nationally for inventory management. The system offers a detailed suite of reporting encompassing all aspects of storage and warehouse related activities. The system has the ability to interface with other primary systems via flat file and through this we provide our customers with a high level of transparency.

Some of the key functions of the WMS are:

•    Total stock visibility by location/SKU
•    Recognition of product/batch code
•    FIFO, LIFO, use by date recording/picking
•    Electronic consignment generation
•    Multiple product lines per pallet location
•    Quarantine/Segregation of specific product lines as required
•    Product description by code, weight, unit qty and name
•    Random and manual bin allocation
•    Electronic stocktake and movement history reporting

Online Visibility and EDI/Scan Pack Operations:
Customers who use our 3PL “customer portal” have access to holding reports for inventory management, stock movement analysis and are able to electronically input orders directly into our Warehouse Management System (WMS) via the website. Customers can also transmit orders from their own business management system into our WMS via Electronic Data Interface (EDI) in real time.

RF Scanning
Our Bayswater facility has RF technology which ensures accuracy of order picking and put away. RF allows for the efficient management of orders and makes certain that all picking activities are processed in optimum timeframes. When placing an order via the online portal, the WMS will allocate the pick directly to the operator via a handheld unit thereby making it a paperless transaction from the
customer placing the order to the pick face.

SSCC Labeling
We have the infrastructure to produce compliant labeling and advanced shipping notices for Woolworths and Coles distributions centre’s (DC) nationally. We are also able to process EDI orders major retailers.