SA Depot - Local

Caring for our employees!

Presently we have a driver(Brian Woods) off work for cancer treatment. He
has oesophageal cancer.

Brian is one of our valued drivers who always brings a smile to those dealing
with him. We decided as a group to put together a collection for Brian to give him a lift
throughout his treatment. While putting the money together Rob Saunders contacted Glen Cameron for a contact at Scania trucks to buy some merchandise for Brian.
Brian is an ex owner driver of Scania vehicles.

Glen passed my email onto the correct person at Scania who returned the
email stating they would donate a Jacket, watch and cap.
These were very good quality products.

We then had Brian come into work and we presented him with the Scania
goods, a card signed by nearly all drivers and Woolworths staff and over
$200.00 in cash for him to utilise while he is receiving treatment.

Brian was lost for words as it was unexpected, but greatly appreciated.

The GCG team are keen to see Brian back in a prime mover and wish him all
the best.