Victorian Sub-Contractor of the year

Cameron’s has a strong Sub-Contractor management system and has been working with Sub-Contractors closely since 2015 to assess and support them improve their COR and Safety Management systems. This includes giving them guidance in their company responsibilities towards the National Heavy Vehicle Law and Work Health and Safety Acts and Regulations.


Through this journey, we have found many of our sub-contractors take on this challenge, of learning and improving their knowledge to implement their own management systems.


Camerons’ assesses their management systems against a criteria scored from 1.0 - 5.0.  A 3.0 is deemed ‘Industry Best Practice’.


This year we recognised Sub-Contractors with the ‘Highest Score’, ‘Highest Score achieved at first Assessment’ and ‘Overall Most Improved’ for their achievements over the past year.


The ‘Overall Highest Score’ was Gillz Trans Pty Ltd.  The owners, Paragt and Ranbir have shown a consistent growth within their management system. Ranbir took responsibility for their system and gained the required knowledge and aspects of the legislations required to operate within the Australian Transport sector.  Both Pargat and Ranbir clearly showed evidence of system implementation, which also showed continuous improvement.  Not only did they implement the minimum criteria, they have also implemented additional processes to meet further safety requirements.



‘Highest Score achieved at first Assessment’ recognised G & V Australia Pty Ltd

‘Overall Most Improved’, recognised Australia Worldwide Exports and Imports