Logistics Fortnightly Newsletter 18 September - Tooronga News

It's been a point of frustration for some time now that we have a potential advertising opportunity with our trailers which has previously been underutilised. Due to a reluctance to commit to a media, which normally would be considered a permanent fixture, we've been unable to source any livery more interesting than the simple word "Coles" for our trailer fleet.

Last month however that all changed with the trial of a new type of livery. Using a framing system and reusable "skins" rather than traditional self adhesive vinyl, this system allows us to change livery at a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time (20 minutes each side to fit), allowing us to use our trailers as mobile billboards for advertising campaigns and promotions, as well as branding initiatives.

Shane McKenzie from Glen Cameron took this photo to showcase the new livery outside Flemington store a few weeks ago, and I think you'll agree it looks terrific. In conjunction with Marketing we're now hoping to roll this system out across 50% of our trailer fleet, so we can look forward to some colourful additions gracing our roads in the months to come.

- Coles Truck

Shona Slimmon


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