The Glen Cameron Group has recently adopted the EcoStation Fleet Assessment Tool as a means of evaluating the performance of its fleet.  

Implemented across four different business segments within the Cameron Group, seventy trucks are being monitored. This includes twenty eight rigids, thirty-nine prime movers, and three B-double rated prime movers.  The vehicles perform a mixture of route and refrigerated work, which can include metropolitan and Victorian country pickup and delivery The loads and applications of these vehicles vary greatly which is evident in the fuel consumption figures segmented by the Fleet Assessment Tool.

The Tool highlights the potential gains Camerons may benefit from participating in the program. The selected fleets, December 2010 fuel consumption of 220,000 litres represents a monthly fuel spend in the order of AU $285,000.  With an easily achievable reduction in fuel use of just five percent, Camerons could see a cost saving of more than $14,000 per month.

By assessing the vehicles in the fleet on a usage and application basis, the data that Camerons are collecting will enable them to work with EcoStation in finding their greatest potential, and implement changes for the least expense.

EcoStation would like to thank Cameron’s for being proactive in recognising that freight plays an important role in the environment, and by pioneering an incremental efficiency improvement program from which everybody stands to benefit.