Glen Cameron Group wins Exego

Consumer products company Exego, representing Repco, Motospecs, Ashdown Ingram and Mcleods Accessories has awarded its interstate contract to the Glen Cameron Group.

The new business expands the leading freight provider's Brisbane and Sydney local transport deal already in place with Exego, and builds on their long standing relationship.

The two-year contract has an extra year option and will involve collecting freight from Exego suppliers and transporting it to Repco Distribution Centres (DCs) both locally and interstate.

Glen Cameron Group General Manager Marketing Greg Smith tells SupplyChain Review the agreement will also require the movement of freight between DCs in each state.

"When a store is being refurbished we will be involved in delivering shop fitting products direct to the stores", Smith says.

The Glen Cameron Group is currently providing Exego an interstate transport service between Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

"The expanded deal means we'll also be providing local transport of product from the Repco DCs in Brisbane and Sydney direct to the Repco stores," he says.

Interstate facilities to be utilised include new Glen Cameron Group developments in Melbourne and Sydney along with existing depots in Brisbane and Adelaide.

Smith says Glen Cameron Group's success comes down to the reputation it has built for providing a timely response and personalised service.

"We are also very conscious of being honest with our customers and offering realistic expectations," he says.

"Our service includes approaches to fatigue management, carbon emissions and safety awareness, which would have been taken into consideration in the decision to award this contract."

"We will also provide Exego website access for Proof of Delivery (POD) retrieval, KPI reporting on data gathered in our despatching system and a number of other IT assists."

Smith says being able to provide national coverage is an advantage offered by the Glen Cameron Group's interstate business.

"We are able to service each state on a daily basis," he says.

"This will provide Exego with the flexibility to send freight on a daily basis knowing it will travel to its destination.

"We also specialise in Less than Container Load (LCL) movements which is attractive to companies like Exego.

"We've been working on this project for some time now and believe the Glen Cameron Group have a very good understanding of Exego's transport requirement," Smith says.

"With the partnership that is being developed we will be working closely with Exego to idfentify further ways to improve their distribution service both internally and externally."

The official Exego contract with the Glen Cameron Group commences May 2.

Recent artice from Supply Chain Review written by Anna Game-Lopata