The Glen Cameron Group is equipped with leading edge technology systems to optimize transfer of information along the supply chain. Our customized information systems provide our customers with the most efficient and effective solutions.

Vehicle Tracking:

Our system allows for deliveries to be tracked at all times!
We are able to produce reports that provide:
•    Pickup and delivery detail
•     Load and unload times
•    Speeding
•    Waypoint arrival and despatch
•    Too long or too short at a waypoint
•    Over-revving
•    Excessive idle time
•    Oil pressure

Web Interface/Customer Portal:

Our online customer web portal provides customers with complete visibility of all works performed via individual customer logins and passwords
•    Bookings
•    Orders and requests
•    Warehouse and transport jobs
•    Inventory
•    Accounts
•    Rate cards
•    POD images

Document Imaging:

Every Camerons depot is equipped with a solution capable of scanning all paperwork at the source, allowing access of complete document search and retrieval on the customer web portal.

Workflow System:

Enables the scheduling of events within the business system. In particular the importation of data and the production of reports.
Standard reports, required periodically by our customers can now be scheduled to run automatically and distributed electronically in PDF format via email. This provides transparency and prompt availability of information and key performance data.