The Glen Cameron Group recognises that as a responsible community member it must minimise its environmental impact. Accordingly we are a foundation member of EcoStation which is a joint initiative of the EPA and VTA (Victorian Transport Association) to maximise transport efficiencies and minimise environmental impact. Our proactive involvement in EcoStation will help lead the charge to a low emissions future in the Transport Industry. The Glen Cameron Group is currently working with the VTA and selected other major transport companies to establish an industry benchmark for carbon emissions. As part of this initiative we are measuring fuel use and carbon emissions involving various truck categories and transport work.

Our driver trainer is working with our drivers to reduce fuel use and therefore lower carbon emissions. This means professional truck drivers with a good attitude and a non aggressive driving style which is more relaxed and more defensive than is normally the case. So the public will also benefit. There are a number of other factors which also affect carbon emissions. Our Training department and Workshop are actively involved with truck manufacturers to utilise the benefit of recent engine technologies, especially use of gearboxes, revs, engine idle times, lowering tyre pressures and truck body aerodynamics. It all adds up to lower carbon emissions.